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Playing with Toy Vehicles

Congratulations and thank you for your purchase of the 

Amazon Fire HD for Kids

We know you and the kids in your world will love their new device. To unlock all of the Australian streaming Apps and games you love please follow the steps below to activate Google play.

Google Play Instructions

Bought to you by Twattle

Step 1 

Enable apps from unknown sources

To do so, go to Settings > 'Security & Privacy' > 'Apps from unknown sources' > 'Silk Browser' > and then click radio button next to 'Allow from this source' to enable unknown apps to be installed. This will allow you to install APKS downloaded from the internet (Silk Browser). As the Google PlayStore isn’t available in the Amazon App Store, we need to download it from the internet.

Step 2

Download the APK file to install the Google PlayStore

We need to install some packages in order to run the Google PlayStore properly on the fire tablet.


You can download the apk files from the trustworthy sources below.

Download APK files onto your tablet using the following links:

  1. Google Account Manager Apk

  2. Google Services Framework

  3. If you have the 2017 Fire HD 8 download this Google PlayStore version otherwise Google PlayStore

Note: download files in order. As each file downloads two pop ups will appear at the bottom of the screen. The first pop up is a warning message - select 'ok' and then second pop is a message for download completed  - select 'open' and once page loads, select 'install'.  

Step 3

Turn your tablet into a home controller

After installing the google play store packages, an app icon will appear on the tablet home screen under 'Play Store' - Open it. When its first opened, it may be slow until it loads everything needed. You will then be prompted to log into a google account to allow you to use the google store. If you do not have a google account you will need to create one as the adult.

Note: If the Play Store app doesn't open, the incorrect APK file listed in step 2 bullet point 3 is incorrect. You will need to repeat the download in step 2 bullet 3 but use the other link listed. 

Having Trouble

Contact tech support

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