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Cocomelon Colours & Counting Fun

Cocomelon Colours & Counting Fun

SKU: 813268015798

Help a child embrace their creative side all the while helping them learn about the fascinating world of numbers and colours. This is the kind of gift that is fun, but it is also jam-packed with educational value too.


This Cocomelon Colours & Counting Fun is an excellent way for children to have fun while they learn about numbers and colours. With this set, they can take part in colour mixing which is something all kids love to do. They can find out what happens when they mix two colours together! They can sort colours and even have some more colourific fun with these cute little animal counters that are included. Learning about numbers is also part of the fun here with this Cocomelon Colours & Counting Fun set. They can learn how to count and how to sort as well. It makes learning fun and these are skills that will certainly help them greatly while they are at school.

No matter if it is colours or counting fun, children will be having fun and learning at the same time. This is a great way to make things stick, when children are having fun, they are taking it all in. Their understanding of colours and numbers is going to be helped and expanded when they play with this fun packed set.


Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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