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Cocomelon My Own Stamp Set

Cocomelon My Own Stamp Set

SKU: 653899046064

The Cocomelon My Own Stamp Set is a fantastic gift idea for children who love to watch Cocomelon on YouTube. Cocomelon has blown up over the last few years with tons of videos, millions of subscribers, and billions of views!

This Cocomelon My Own Stamp Set is like they have their very own art studio! Best of all, it is nice and bright just like the Cocomelon videos that they enjoy on YouTube. This set comes with a series of stamps and each one of them features one of their favourite Cocomelon characters. They can use these to make all kinds of awesome pictures for their own room or even as a gift for mum and dad. While the stamps are awesome and a lot of fun, there is far more to this set.

It also comes with a set of Cocomelon themed pens, a whole bunch of Cocomelon stickers, and more! It is awesome how much arts and crafts goodness is packed into this set. While a set like this is a great deal of fun, it also has many benefits as well. To start with, this is a fun way for children to give their creativity a real boost. Also, their fine-motor skills will also be getting put to good use.


Key Features:

  • This set features all kinds of arts and crafts items
  • The Cocomelon stamps are tons of fun
  • Everything in the set is themed around Cocomelon
  • Children will be encouraged to think creatively
  • A great way for them to work on those fine-motor skills
    AU$14.99 Regular Price
    AU$11.24Sale Price
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