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Create Your Own Planet Mobile

Create Your Own Planet Mobile

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Craft For Kids are taking children out of this world with this spectacular and cool Planet Mobile. Any child who loves to really dig in and make fun stuff with their own hands is going to have a great time with this craft set.


With a set from Craft For Kids, you do not have to worry about rushing out to the store to buy something to go with it. Everything that children need to bring this Planet Mobile to life is including inside the box. There is a set of paints, a paintbrush, foam balls, paper card, wire, and elastic. It is all they need to make their very own solar system that they can hang in their room with pride. This set allows them to make five planets and a huge part of the fun will be them using their creativity to decide what kind of planets these will be.

While making this is going to be fun, the Planet Mobile will be able to hang in their room for years. While a craft set is a fun way to help a child embrace their creative side. This Planet Mobile is extra cool as you never know, this could be something that inspires them to take an interest in science and outer space!


Suitable for ages 5 and up.


Key Features:

This set comes with everything needed to complete the project inside the box

They can make five cool planets

It will look awesome hanging from their ceiling

It could inspire them to take an interest in science

This is a great gift for a child who is creative

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