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Magnetic Textured Tangram Puzzles

Magnetic Textured Tangram Puzzles

SKU: 813268017396

This Sense & Grow Textured Tangram Puzzles is the perfect gift idea if you want to get something for a child that is going to be fun, but also challenge them mentally as well.


This contains seven textured puzzle pieces; each puzzle piece has a different texture and the idea here is that it will stimulate a child’s mind more than just a boring flat puzzle piece would. There are 48 different challenges for children to complete. The first 24 puzzles are easier and a great way for a child to start to think about what they are doing and use their problem-solving skills to make the various puzzles. There are also 24 harder puzzles, these ones just give them the basic idea of what the shape is and it is up to the child to figure out what the puzzle is and what puzzle pieces go where to make it.


Making puzzles is a lot of fun, but what makes the Sense & Grow Textured Tangram Puzzles extra special is that is packed with educational value. They will have to use their problem-solving skills, think outside of the box, and also they can even do a bit of creative thinking as they use the seven pieces to make their own shapes. The different textures can also get their brain thinking about what they feel like which is fun. All of the pieces and the challenge cards can be stored in a handy metal tin that comes with this set.


Suitable for ages 5 and up.

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