Paw Patrol On A Roll Slot Car Set

Paw Patrol On A Roll Slot Car Set


In this Carrera FIRST PAW Patrol - On the Track Set, the clumsy Dalmatian Marshall with his fire truck and the sporty German shepherd Chase with his police car against each other. The two 1:50 scale slotcars are thrilling duels on the 2.4-meter-long racetrack, whizzing past typical PAW Patrol track decoration - just really cool! On the track every kart with doggy has to cross a roundabout once per round. This provides for an additional fun factor. Thanks to the PAW Patrol license, the Carrera FIRST set gets a great design that lets every little racer dive into the world of brave dog teams. The set includes two kid-friendly hand controls. To control the cars, type C batteries are needed.

  • Ages 3+

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