PJ Masks Turbo Movers, Gekko

PJ Masks Turbo Movers, Gekko


Go into the night to save the day with The PJ Masks Turbo Movers. Place Gekko in the cockpit and get ready to fight the villains. Use the shooting Gekko Shield and Gekko Tail Drill against the baddies. Press the button on top to light up the cabin. The PJ Masks Turbo Mover features articulated arms and legs, and even has wheels on the bottom of the feet. The PJ Masks Turbo Mover comes with a 3” articulated Gekko figure

  • Ages 3+
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included).
  • PJ Masks Turbo Mover set includes one 3” articulated Gekko, one articulated Gekko Turbo Mover, and one Gekko Shield.
  • Turbo Mover is equipped with lights and sounds.
  • With just the push of a button the cabin illuminates.
  • Turbo Mover features a Gekko Tail Drill!

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