Raining Kindness

Raining Kindness


$20 Donation to the 2020 Ripple Kindness Project's outreach program, Nourish Network, supporting disadvantaged families this Christmas.

Twattle Pty Ltd wishes to advise that the 2020 Community outreach program is being run as a "donation-based crowdfunding effort" for "Ripple Kindness Project (ABN 65 380 921 549)". 

As such person(s) contributing to the fund will receive no financial return or property benefit from their contributions. 


Persons contributing are contributing to the project owner not Twattle.  Twattle is only able to refund your contribution if you request it prior to the end of the campaign. 

Facebook Instagram Incentive promise

At the commencement of the campaign Twattle has 193 Facebook Likes and 14 Instagram followers. As an added gesture we agree to donate 10c for very new like or folow into the campaign up to a maximum of $250.  


Twattle has enetred into a informal partnership with the Ripple Kindness Project in good faith. Twattle warrants that all funds raised for the project will be used for the communicated purpose insofar as we have control and influence. 

By  proceeding to contribe to this fund you understand and agree to the aforementioned disclaimer. Twattle thanks the community for supporting this project.