Slackers Adventure Tree House

Slackers Adventure Tree House


The most popular spot for their backyard adventures is here! The Adventure Treehouse will quickly become their haven to hang out in the backyard and play in the air. With enough room for multiple kids, they will want to take all of their books, games and talking to the treehouse!


Kids will let their wildest imagination come alive when they play in the air and pretend to be a pirate on their ship looking out into the sea, or on a safari watching all of the animals out in the wild!

  • Ages 5+
  • Holds up to 220kg.
  • A durable electro-coated steel frame connects to any compatible tree at 3 different points using ratchets for complete security.
  • Easy to assemble and install in any healthy tree.
  • Set up takes less than 1 hour.
  • house height 5.5’, bottom bracket 4’ .
  • Create an elevated play space using included ratchet straps and steel frame. 
  • Floor and Walls are made of high-quality Teslin material which is UV resistant with great drainage. 
  • Canopy uses UV protective nylon to create the ultimate hideout. 
  • Safety rails go up to 33” with an open canopy above.
  • Solid steel frame is powder coated for outdoor durability. Max installation height of platform 8’.

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