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Squishville Mini Surprise Plush Squishmallow 4 Pack Assorted

Squishville Mini Surprise Plush Squishmallow 4 Pack Assorted

SKU: SQM0077

Welcome to the Squishville plush toy world, home of the Squishmallows!. This all-new world features your favorite Squishmallow plush characters in a brand new 2-inch size.


There are playsets, vehicles, mini-Squishmallows plush characters (of course), and more in this adorably squishy collection. So call your squad and squeeze in because once you leave, you’ll squish you were here!


Call your squad and get ready to squish with the Squishville plush world Mini Squishmallow® 4-Pack Assortment. This adorably squishy 4-pack assortment features your favorite Squishmallows plush characters in a mini 2-inch size.


Bring the Caticorn, Farm, and Fantasy squads to your collection. There are 2 mystery Mini-Squishmallows plush characters in every 4-pack, so you’ll never know who you’ll find.


The plush Squishville toy world is made with super-soft filling making Mini-Squishmallows plush characters the ultimate squish-panions.


Add 12 of your Squishmallow plush toy favorites like Nicole and Carla the Caticorns, Petra the Pig, Walker the Goat, Ben the Dino, and Zeena the Unicorn to your world of squish in their new 2-inch size. With vehicles, playsets, and your favorite Squishmallow plush characters.


Includes:4 Mini-Squishmallow® Squad Plush

Ages:Suitable for all ages


3 Squads to Collect

There are 3 Squishmallow plush Squad 4-packs and 12 fan-favorite mini-Squishmallows plush characters to collect. Ready, Set, Squish.


Squads include:Caticorn SquadFarm SquadFantasy Squad

Ultra-soft and Ultra-adorable

Just like Squishmallows plush, the world of Squishville plush toys is soft, cuddly, and colorful. The plush world is made with high-quality material and irresistibly soft filling. It’s the coziest place to be.

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