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Textured 30cm Stretchy Strings 6pk

Textured 30cm Stretchy Strings 6pk

SKU: CTGW40640

People of all ages have been enjoying Stretchy Strings in various ways for a long time. You can stretch and pull them to over 7 feet without them breaking! You can wrap them around your hands and fingers or twirl them in the air. You can tie them into a squeeze ball or braid them all together for a really huge and fun string!

Each box contains 6 different noodle textures for a much more enhanced sensory experience.


  • Easy to clean, hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and absolutely no phthalates or BPA's
  • 6 Pack


This item is currently subject to our preorder policy which can be found here.

Expected Availability September 2021

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