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Deluxe Coloured Infinity Cube Fidget Toy  Assorted

Deluxe Coloured Infinity Cube Fidget Toy Assorted

SKU: CT172584
This Deluxe infinite cube size is 8cm x 4cm and weights 75g - so much better quality.Infinity Cube Fidget Toys have the effect of relieving stress and anxiety for children and adults of all ages, allowing you to let go of stress and enjoy life. This is a perfect hand held decompression toy. Let you no longer be bored and irritable, and create a feeling of relaxation and decompression for you. Very suitable for work, office, school, and extracurricular activities, but also suitable for any environment!The Infinity Cubes are made from tough ABS. Their smooth surface and rounded corners are designed to keep you or your child safe. Consisting of eight small cubes, each sub cube is precisely machined and assembled to form an overall size of big cubed. Fits right in your pocket, allowing you to easily carry it wherever you go, take it out, and have fun any time
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