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Glow in the Dark Globbles Sticky Ball 4 Pack

Glow in the Dark Globbles Sticky Ball 4 Pack

SKU: CT170242

Glow in the Dark Globbles made from high-quality wear-resistant thermoplastic rubber material; food-grade TPR material, good wear resistance, elasticity, high tear resistance, will not break, durable, and can be used for a long time. Features: Glow in the dark: This sticky ball can absorb light, whether it is sunlight, light or flashlight light, it can absorb and store it, and then put her in the dark, it will emit a beautiful light. The noctilucent sticky ball has strong stickiness. You can throw the decompression ball on the ceiling, wall, desktop, etc., and it will stick to it; the ceiling can be glued for 3-20 seconds, ordinary white plaster wall can be glued 5- 30 seconds. Fun sticky wall ball pressure vent ball, can be washed, when you feel the viscosity is reduced and the surface is dusty, you only need to rinse with water, the viscosity will recover after drying. Ages 3+


Colours Shown may vary, 4 balls per packet.

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