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Smart Lab Toys: Tiny Gardening

Smart Lab Toys: Tiny Gardening

SKU: 834509006573

Tiny Gardening allows kids to germinate seeds and grow plants in a tiny setting. Learn all about photosynthesis, capillary action, gravity, and more! Utilize cute, but functional tiny gardening tools and accessories to sharpen your gardening skills and conduct different experiments. Find the answers to gardening questions such as: Do plants grow differently under a blue or green light? Why do roots always tend to go downward? Can plants adjust their posture towards the sun? And many more!


  • Tiny greenhouse
  • 3 tiny pots
  • 3 tiny test tubes
  • Tiny hand shovel
  • Tiny hand fork
  • Tiny beaker
  • 3 Tiny garden markers
  • Greenhouse side panels
  • Greenhouse roof panel
  • String
  • Tiny Ruler
  • Petri dish
  • Green and blue acetate sheets
  • Decorative cling stickers
  • Marker label stickers
  • Tiny gardening activity book


20 Activities & Experiments!

  • Watch Leaves Make Oxygen!
  • Let’s Get Growing!
  • hTest Tube Transplant
  • Test Tube Tricks
  • Soaking It Up
  • Gravity Rules
  • Self-Watering System
  • Seed Olympics
  • Moving Day!
  • Feelin’ the Pain of Acid Rain
  • Follow the Sun
  • Capillary Action in Action
  • Do Plants Respond to Color?
  • Sun Worshipers
  • Transpiration Exploration
  • What’s Behind the Green?
  • Extract a Plant’s DNA!
  • Grow a Theme Garden!
  • Make a Tiny Terrarium!
  • Fearsome Flora

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